As far as desk toys go, just about everybody has a method of keeping their hands busy while waiting for that next great idea to strike. And for designers and engineers who appreciate precision machined metal, the Vortecon definitely deserves a spot in your desktop.

Concieved of by-product designer Kristoph Krisjans, the Vortecon is a desk toy whose sole purpose is to, well, distract you from work. Rotating this kinetic desk toy unveils a helix-shaped swirl—resulting in an endless mind-bending optical illusion effect.

Available in copper, brass, or stainless steel, each Vortecon cylinder is milled on a CNC and sanded to give a polished and smooth finish that sits atop the rotating base.

Currently available on Kickstarter starting at just $32 (limited quantities), the Vortecon has already raised nearly $100,000 (with a campaign goal of just $3,000) with three weeks left to go in the campaign. If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to replace that worn out fidget spinner, this just might be it.


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