I’m here to tell you what you already know. Underground lairs are FULLY AWESOME!!! On top of their virtually unlimited awsomaucity, they are THE answer to all manner of ,nigh unavoidable, calamity. Huge killer bees all hopped up on GMO corn pollen barreling toward you and yours at cannonball speeds got your boots soggy? UNDERGROUND LAIR!!! See? What did I tell ya? It works on so many levels…all of which are UNDERGROUND!!! The company making your ostrich headed getaway possible is none other than the foremost company in the development of emergency subterranean abodes: Radius Engineering International Incorporated. Long name, I know, but they’ve earned it.

Underground Shelter? Yes Please.

“The future belongs to those who plan.” – Radius Engineering

To the hatch!! (Unconfirmed rumor warning: these may or may not have been the developers of “the hatch” from the real life situation that “Lost” was loosely based on. Tell your friends.) These water tight, high pressure composite underground structures have been improved upon for coming up on four decades. The functionality behind each shelter is based on the research of Radius Engineering President, Walton W. Mcarthy, foremost expert in the field and author of “PRINCIPLES OF PROTECTION, The US Standard Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards”.

The CAT 25 Shelter Price Military Model: starting at $400,000 U.S. Dollars

They model these bad boys up in Inventor, manufacture, and install them all on the hush hush. That’s right. These guys don’t design and tell. But, you can still see some nice 3D models while you shop for your very own life saving pod of… life saving-aucity! They start as low as $17,000 per pod person, putting them well within the grasp of anybody with $17,000 per person they deem worth saving.

Radius shelters are compound curved shapes with no catastrophic failure mode like round tanks. Radius shelters have no flat walls and no tensile loads. Radius shelters are specifically designed for external pressures and ground shock far exceeding 8.5 Richter and can be placed in high water tables without tie-downs to produce concentrated stresses. The sealed composite shell keeps out radon gas as well as bugs and water.

These little babies offer a lot more than just shelter from an oncoming storm/apocalypse. These shelter are designed to take on F5 tonados while providing radiation shielding and yes, EMP protection. They’ve thought of everything, including high-pressure leeching septic systems and dedicated well water supplies. Here’s more on the design and features of Radius Engineering underground shelters.

The CAT 15 Underground Shelter
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter - 3D Modeling stage
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter - Installation stage, moving shelter into place.
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter - Installation stage, positioning the shelter.
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter
The CAT 15 Underground Shelter - Installation stage, covering the shelter.
ND10 Twister Resister shelter capable of sheltering 10 people.

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