When you live in expensive cities like London, every inch in your apartment is like prime real estate space, teaching you the art of multi-purposing the interiors. DIY fan Jude Pullen was recently in a similar situation – in London – and he came up with this really simple and minimalist Under Desk Tool Drawer that we can take inspiration from.

YouTube video

What makes this project very interesting is selection of materials used, namely scavenged items like the runners and rummaged booty from the bargain bins of IKEA. The ‘strip-wood’ used were 12mm square section and 12x5mm section, and Jude cut and shaped them to be functional. This means he can customize his sections (drawer compartments) to suit the tools. He can even move around the compartments to fit in new stuff or rearrange the old. Another highlight of this process is that by using Nibblers you can cut 2mm galvanized steel by hand and chisel-out neat sections of wood with a screwdriver.


The tutorial is available at Instructables and it walks you through the process of making your own drawer. The idea behind it all is to make sure that your tools are in one place and no accidental jabbings and knick – eyeballs pulled out. We also found this gem bonus video that actually shows you how to construct your own Under Desk Tool Drawer from scratch. Take a look.

YouTube video