Be still my beating heart. This site is beautiful. is a website dedicated to preserving a memory of every imaginable thing we have produced thus far. I don’t believe I’ve ever liked THINGS so much. It’s a feast for the eyes you and future generations are sure to appreciate.

As they put it Thngs is a simple tool for the preservation and structuring of data about physical things, a Noah’s ark for the tangible world. But beyond the scope of historical value, this site can be a useful tool for many research disciplines, from design to sociology. Me? I think I’m just going to spend a couple hours looking at Korean soda cans and mid-century electronics. Here are a few examples…

Gorgeous. ALL. OF. IT.

Along with a vast searchable library of things, they also organizes thematic exhibitions regularly, with current collections including Russia makes its own, Cosmos: Birth of a New Age, Meganom Forms.

They have an astonishing variety of the items, from sewing machine to Fuji packaging, spacesuit gloves to condiment wrappers, film, servers, PENS, calculators, chairs, tools, as so, so, so much more.

Every item has its own page categorized with detailed description and facts, photos and reference. Like Wikipedia, everyone can join in the collecting and preserving process. That’s right, you can add things too. Sign up for their Beta in the upper right at Here’s more…


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