Now I personally don’t carry around a portable speaker. Not because they’re heavy and totally inferior to headphones (though those are pretty valid points), but because I rarely come across a mini speaker which doesn’t sound like it’s blasting five layers of static along with what it’s supposed to be playing. Long story short: there just isn’t enough in these tiny speakers to generate good quality sound at higher volumes.

Sodapop Bottle Speaker

Sodapop plans to change this notion by connecting its speaker to a plastic bottle to boost its sound. Using the bottle’s elastic walls, shape, and the excess air contained inside, the Sodapop increases its volume (more specifically its bass range) up to ten decibels. While not ear-shattering, this extra volume could come in handy if you’re looking for a more decent portable speaker to take on your next camping trip.

Sodapop Bottle Speaker Sodapop Bottle Speaker

The included bass bottle in the Sodapop’s packaging works fine, but supposedly any plastic bottle can be connected to the mini speaker as well. Literally: all you have to do is connect the bottle top onto the speaker and turn on the device. Though the biggest feature of the speaker is its ability to utilize plastic bottles as bass boosters, using the Sodapop without a piece of recycled plastic attached to it works just fine, too.

Sodapop Bottle Speaker Sodapop Bottle Speaker Sodapop Bottle Speaker

In working with Norwegian design studio Permafrost, the Sodapop team came up with various designs for the speaker’s unique shape and function. By installing the circuitry into a simple, Scandinavian-inspired design, the speaker “pops” out from the other competition.

Sodapop Bottle Speaker

With 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge through two 4 Watt 4-ohm speakers, Sodapop is turning out to be another unique way to stay environment-friendly while keeping your tunes sounding good on-the-go.


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