Even as more players eschew traditional board games in favor of smartphone app alternatives, there is still a significant population of diehard board game lovers who live for the real thing.

Massdrop community designer Cassidy Williams is one such person; taking her love of Scrabble’s letter-engraved tiles into the world of computer keyboards.

Waking up at 2 A.M. after a particular dream where she had a Scrabble keyboard, Williams got to making a mock-up design before sending it to Hasbro, Scrabble’s manufacturer. The result is a dye-sublimated PBT keyboard with a timeless Scrabble theme.

The keyboard features the same double-letter scores and values associated with the individual letters of the alphabet: from the easily connected “A” to the impossible-to-connect “Q.” These values are denoted by a small number on the bottom-right corner of each tile, just like in the board game.

Aside from this little touch, the wooden-styled keys are colored differently depending on their use. Letters and numbers are cream-colored, while more specific keys like Alt, Shift, and Esc have blue, red, and pink hues.

The set is sculpted in XDA profile, making it compatible with a variety of keyboards like the Planck, WhiteFox, ErgoDox, and Cherry MX switches. Purchasing one will run you $46.99 for a whole set of keys—although it does include extras to allow you to play a game of Scrabble when you aren’t typing on the keyboard.

Scrabble fanatics can find out more on this challenging letter keyboard Massdrop. Just don’t expect it to help you with your “A” game.


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