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We’re on a cutting kick, with the Ergo Kiwi knife and now a new take on the good ol’ pair o’ shears. Every home has at least one pair of them. They’re a necessary tool, especially if you work in an office full of kids and construction paper. But they aren’t the most hand-friendly tools around. They can even be downright painful after using them for five hours straight. But, there’s hope.

ReExcite (hello 1990’s website design) has taken all of this into consideration and reinvented the scissors. Right Shears, created by Shane Vermette, are scissors that bend at a 90 degree angle instead of sticking out like a standard pair of scissors. The handle sits right above the blades, which Shane claims improves the ergonomics and hand comfort.

After coming up with the idea while working with his father on a basement vent, Vermette build several rough prototypes of Right Shears made out of various materials, including 3D prints, metal, and cardboard. He finally got the design right and since he’s left handed, Vermette made sure the handles were ambidextrous making them comfortable regardless of your dominant hand. The scissors are 6.5 inches long and 5.5 inches tall. It uses 420 stainless steel heat treated blades with extended tang for increased strength.


“Honestly I was just trying to solve a problem I was facing with a tool that I wanted to use,” he says. “It did seem ridiculous and it was one of those moments where once the solution occurred to me I was like, ‘I have to build this.'”

Not only are Right Shears claimed to be more comfortable, Vermette believes they’re ideal for those suffering from crippling arthritis and fibromyalgia. He even filmed one of his friends with this condition using the scissors with ease. “I get messages from folks who can’t wait to use Right Shears because they have a father with arthritis, or they suffer from fibromyalgia and have a hard time with regular scissors,” he said. “I hope Right Shears can help them.”

The shears are also said to be more precise and stronger as Vermette demonstrates them cutting through various materials, including plastic, paper, cardboard, mesh, and thin sheet metal. They can even be used as handy kitchen shears.

Right now, Vermette is hoping to fund Right Shears on Kickstarter with one pair starting out at $14. The prices go up from there depending on how many pairs you want.

At first glance the scissors just look bizarre and makes you wonder how it’s better than the tried and true standard, but seeing several videos of the scissors being used with ease makes you how these could definitely be an improvement on the tool. Nearly the low goal of $5,000 and time to spare, these scissors will surely be making into your hands. And if he does a little work on the website and video, reaches out to those in the craft area, get them into the hands of mom bloggers, and continue building anticipation, this campaign could just explode.







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