Some people go around mixing things that shouldn’t be mixed, like macaroni and ketchup, loafers and capri pants or violins and Metallica’s greatest hits, but every once in a while the mix of two objects with completely different functions makes a whole lot of sense. Take for instance The MULTI. Capital letters are warranted for this little device that combines a wallet and a multi-tool for a beefy, yet sleek, bill-holding case you can use to open bottle or tighten a nut. Have a look…

Cash or Screwdriver?

The idea is from Wilson Alvarez in Lancaster, PA and has turned into fully-funded Kickstarter project passing the $2,600 goal with days and days still to go. It’s a simple two-piece colored Titanium or Aluminum wallet held together with flexible O-Rings, there for your box-cutting or bill-paying needs. Even in its simplicity, Wilson went through quite a process perfecting it.

The Multi went through at least 5-7 prototype phases, while I worked on getting the design right. Not only did I want to create a highly functional minimal, plate wallet, but it was imperative to me that all of The Multi’s tool features performed just as well. The challenge was making a product that was visually pleasing and looked great, while making sure it was a high performance tool at the same time. I initially drew the design by hand and cut out the first prototype from aluminum by hand, then I worked with a CAD designer to get it into the computer.

As you’ll see from the video below, this is simply an elegant design. You can pick up a clear or color anodized Aluminum version for $40 or splurge for the Titanium version starting at $75. It even comes with a couple bits and extra O-rings. So, hop over to Kickstarter and drop some bills on a Multi-tool to hold your bills.






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