My family and I do our best to use recyclable bags for grocery shopping whenever possible. And while it’s a great way to save some pennies and tossing excess plastic bags, it’s a pain to stash bulky bags and a hassle at checkout. It needs to change and Nanobag aims to do so.

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The Small, Adjustable Shopping Bag

Nanobag 4.0 is the newest lightweight shopping bag from TipTop Things. You would think, since the bags are a mere 0.05 mm thick they would rip as soon as you drop a head of soggy lettuce into it but no, these babies can carry up to 66 lbs (or 30 kg) easy.

nanobag 4.0

Depending on the style of bag or the amount of items you need to carry, there are six variations of Nanobags: The Standard, the Mico, the Mini, the Pack, the Sling, and the ever dependable XL. Each have their own dimensions, carrying capacities, and graphic design.

nanobag 4.0

If there was a secret to them, it could be that the bags are made from Oeko Tex 100 standard fabric and are inlaid with a diamond-shaped mesh which prevents rips and tears. This allows the Nanobag 4.0 to carry 12-25 liters without showing the strain they are under.

nanobag 4.0

But the best feature of these paper-thin reusable bags is how much they compress. You can crumple up the Nanobag 4.0 and fit it in all kinds of places: from your backpack or satchel/purse to the useless tiny front pocket of your jeans. Since the bags weigh practically nothing (the Standard weighs in at 22g), they store like a tissue packet – you may even forget you’re carrying them.

The Nanobag 4.0 is currently live and already fully funded on Kickstarter, starting at $11 for the earlybird option and your choice of design. Bulk options are available in quantities from 10 to 200 with all options expected to deliver December 2020.

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