Ya know, you can only gnaw so many LEGO wheel hubs before you’re like, “These should totally be made from a chunk of aircraft-grade aluminum.” Mark Carpenter is brilliant. As a qualifying ‘Father of the Year’, he and his three sons have started producing LEGO aftermarket mods, the latest of which is a set of aluminum rims, currently available through their Kickstarter campaign.

Mark and his three boys love LEGO building. Their goal is to make a business out of their passion and they’re off to a great start.

“I, as an entrepreneur, have told them, nearly constantly, to think up something to make LEGOs better. The first take on that was the carbon fiber tiles. That was a hit and the boys are hooked. So, we’re all back to take another shot and this time we have our eyes on building a real business.”

And that aspect is just as cool as the product itself. This has been an opportunity for Mark to introduce all the aspects of business to his boys.

“As part of this project I have been able to teach my boys a few things about starting a business.”

Through these projects they have discussed, researched and planned for all the following:

  • production
  • shipping to us from production
  • shipping to customers
  • accounting and cash flow
  • taxes
  • pricing strategy
  • profit margins
  • legal and patents
  • competition
  • target markets
  • individual contribution
  • websites and e-commerce
  • customer support
  • returns from customers
  • video production for the campaign
  • photography of the tiles for the campaign
  • setting up a great campaign on kickstarter
  • distribution of responsibilities amongst ourselves (still discussing!)

With four projects to date–two successful, one unsuccessful, one currently under way, and another in the works–they’ve captured a lot of learning many don’t even experience until after they’ve finished paying off their MBA degree. I’m sure Mark has learned a bit too and is certainly deserving of that ‘Father of the Year’ award.

Support their latest project, go over and grab a set or five of some sweet LEGO rims.  The early bird price is still available at $20 with delivery around the world and ship date of April 2016.








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