Unlike moving bikes, which give you a sense of freedom, adventure, and occasionally, dread, stationary bikes just…well, stand there. And while stationary bikes are useful for squeezing in some cardio when the weather is particularly nasty outside, their outdoor riding emulation leaves much to be desired.

The Wattbike Atom is still a stationary vehicle, but unlike just about every other stationary bike, it at least helps simulate some of the thrills of riding a real bicycle outside. While the sense of balance and fear of falling off are noticeably absent (it is an indoor bike, after all), the bike simulates different outdoor terrains including uphill slopes and downhill curves.

To help with the simulated immersion, the Wattbike Atom also comes with a 22-gear shift located by the handlebars and internet connectivity to hundreds of different training tracks. Even the bike itself is designed to fit cyclists of discerning aesthetic tastes.

It is still an indoor bike, but Wattbike and design company Curventa have put a lot of effort into making the Atom look like something you would take outdoors to show your neighbors. The end result features really sharp angles and edges which go with a red and black paint job.

Check out more of the bike’s design on Behance. To learn more about the Wattbike Atom’s specs, you can find them on the Wattbike webpage.


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