reee chair designed in solidworksYou may have seen this on some of the tech or design blogs a while back, but it just so happens that this simple looking stackable chair is a highly optimized, ergonomic peice constructed of recycled Playstation 2 game consoles and, oh yeah, designed in SolidWorks.

Old news? Noooo… well maybe, but there’s a new podcast out explaining the details behind the design of the recylced chair and all the factors that play into making it and selling it. Have a look.

Invinsioned by London product designer Christopher Pett of Pli Designs Ltd. and created in conjuntion with design consultancy Sprout Design, the eco-freindly chair will use 7.5 tons of recycled plastic over the next year. That is removing 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs) from landfills each year.

“the Reee chair incorporates the plastic from nine video game consoles and is the first chair of its kind in the U.K. to use 100 percent recycled plastic from a single source…Sprout used SolidWorks SimulationXpress to ensure the chair would be strong enough to support sitters without over-engineering the amount of plastic in the seat’s ribs”

The chair is available now for £110.00 ($174.44 US) at Pli

reee recycled chair detail

reee solidworks design using recylced playstations

reee green chair design

Via SolidWorks podcasts


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