There are but a few products in this world that really draw out the raw, bubbling essence of human ingenuity and mindful consideration of fellow man. And but a few tools you want at your disposal when formidable circumstances approach. The paint scraper. The shovel. The toilet plunger. Three things that should be on everyone’s short list of supplies. The latter perhaps the most noteworthy, particularly for Re Made and founder Peter Smith-Buchanan who has completely redefined what it is to be a maker of handcrafted quality plunging instruments.


It’s all in the process. Even for a plunger.

“It’s wood and a piece of rubber put together. Sitting there in this capsule of stored energy. That’s what makes it very powerful. You put a plunger in someone’s hand and they feel empowered.”

As evidence by their full line of Master Plungers, there’s a passion for practical functionality and craftsmanship developed over hours and hours of painstaking attention to every detail of a stick and rubber suction. In a world of mass manufacturing, the art is lost. It’s as if the rubbery mouth part of the plunger is crying out, “Shape me, smooth me with the finest grit sanding block. Care for my attachment and crevices. Then plunge me to the hilt to remove the worse of your water closet woes.” Even with such a simple assembly, there’s a process that brought Peter back to his roots.

“I lost touch with my hands on some level. As a designer, I spent most of my time in front of a computer. I had sort of an epiphany. I realized I had completely lost touch with my hands. It was time to figure out a way to get back in touch with that.”

Re Made has 16 different version in their elegant plunger/tool/home good product line. While you may look at them, then the price and say, Damn! $350 dollars for a freakin’ plunger!,” you’ll quickly be whisked away by the stylish paint schemes and the handmade appearance that makes this as much a focal point for your bathroom as much as a necessity. While most of the exotic plungers are upwards of $300, there is the original, unfinished version you can pick up for $158 See them all here.

Obviously, we couldn’t help in playing along with Peter’s Master Plunger project. We do, as you may know, hold handcrafted goods in high esteem and see Peter’s site as a dedication to those that make great sacrifices and go to great lengths to recapture that feeling of making something with their hands. Take it as a compliment, use it as a metaphor, go and make.


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