Some people say a design is at its best when it’s at its simplest, but I’m pretty sure the statement doesn’t apply to everything.

Take the NU:RO for example. Created by Anton Repponen of the Anton & Irene New York Studio, the analog watch is a heaven sent for minimalists but may be a bit troublesome to read for others.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; no matter how you look at it, this timepiece is bound to catch people’s eyes. While the 20mm wide leather (or steel mesh) straps are nothing to write home about, it’s the way this watch tells time which makes it unique.

NURO analog watch

Two dials make up the NU:RO. The upper dial denotes hours while the lower one shows minutes. Each dial rotates independently, meaning you’ll have to set both of them to get the proper time. The numbers within the hourglass show you how late you are to your morning meeting.

It’s an excellent design for sure, but what’s a tad worrying is how the watch shows time. Though it does have the same 5-minute intervals as a regular watch, the rather wide “waist” of the hourglass makes it hard to tell if it’s either 10:41 am or 10:43 am. Apart from this, the numbers on the dials appear quite small, making it hard to decipher even without the hourglass.

NURO analog watch NURO analog watch

Small nitpick aside, this looks like an impressive timepiece to confuse those people who ask you what time it is. A lot of effort was put into the minimalist nature of the dials and hourglass, and it definitely is a unique take on the classic watch.

The NU:RO is currently live on Kickstarter and had achieved just under $20,000 out of its $65,000 goal.


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