Released yesterday on Kickstarter, the sleek ORA Sound System is a case that surrounds your iPad with 8 deafening speakers and solves one of the only compromises with the iPad: sound quality. In addition to the recently Kickstarted Zooka and Sound Cover iPad speaker systems, why the sudden popularity and what are the differences?

The Sudden Rise of iPad Sound Enhancers

Ironically, both the recently funded Zooka wireless speaker bar and the ORA Sound Cover were designed by well-known Portland-based industrial designers. The Zooka by Patrick Triato of NEW and popular Portland design crowd meeting space Union/Pine, and the ORA as a collective between newly established Portland firm INDUSTRY, and San Francisco-based SHIFT engineers. Just across the USA, Petur Hannes Olafsson designed the Sound Cover in NYC and celebrated it’s successful Kickstart in March of 2012.

Considered Design

The ORA Sound System, with it’s fine-machined aluminum and integrated design, appears to be more in line with Apple’s design ethos than the previously Kickstarted options. While the Zooka seems great for more durable use with it’s silicone body, and the Sound Cover for it’s integrated ‘cover’ abilities, the ORA rises to the top considering that it packs a whopping 8-speaker design with a minimal change to the original iPad form-factor:

ORA Sound System

ORA features eight tuned, front-facing speakers around the perimeter of the screen. It claims to provide up to five times the volume of the iPad’s speaker alone.

Zooka Speaker Bar
Easily packed and ready to go as well as functioning with Apple’s smart cover, the Zooka supposedly provides you, like the ORA, with five times the sound of your in-board speakers. The bar is made entirely of medical-grade silicone.

Sound Cover
The case surrounds the iPad in ABS plastic and black leather, and features a rechargeable battery and supposedly provides you with three times the sound of the in-board speakers.

At the moment, you can purchase an ORA with a minimum pledge of $100.


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