Kids these days might not have a taste for them, but back in the day, superheroes didn’t rule the movie world; superspies did. And no one was more famous than British secret agent James Bond. Created by writer Ian Flemming, the fictional spy has 24 films and countless novels spanning decades; inspiring both kids and adults worldwide.

Mike Psiaki and his brothers were just a few of the kids whose lives were touched by this timeless character. Now grown up and working as a designer, getting a chance to recreate one of James Bond’s classic cars –the 1964 Aston Martin DB5- in a LEGO set is nothing short of a dream come true.

This 1,295 piece set may look a tad blockier than its real-world counterpart, but its features harken back to the old school Goldfinger movie.

LEGO James Bond car LEGO James Bond car LEGO James Bond car

On the outside, the car has drum-lacquered silver front and rear bumpers, as well as opening doors, bonnet, and boot. To help this baby move along, white wheel tires are inserted into the bottom. While these features are pretty cool, they pale in comparison when you see all the gadgets the car is hiding.

For starters, the rotating license plates are a nice touch. Just like in the film, you can flip the front and rear plates when the authorities aren’t looking to get an extra layer of anonymity.

LEGO James Bond car LEGO James Bond car LEGO James Bond car

Should subtlety go out the window, you can raise the rear window’s bulletproof screen and fight back with some of your own weapons. Pulling back the gearstick inside the car activates the Aston Martin’s hidden front wing machine guns located under the headlights. For close quarters, using the wheel-mounted tire scythes seems like a better option.

LEGO James Bond car

Lastly, if ever the bad guys get too close and try to steal your ride, pulling back the rear bumper ejects the passenger seat sky high.

The gadgets are definitely what makes this LEGO car stand out from others, but Psiaki put in the extra effort to add details such as an interior with a hidden radar tracker and telephone compartment (cell phones weren’t a thing back then, in case you didn’t know). Even the car’s engine is well-detailed!

Mike started the LEGO car’s design by taking various drawings and pictures of a real Aston Martin DB5 and using them to approximate the dimensions for the LEGO build. Using one of their many wheels as a basis for the proportions, Martin works on the car’s frame and its overall shape.

LEGO James Bond car

For this particular model, a new 1×2 bow was used to make the car’s shoulders. The wheels also have their own inserts so you can see the same wire pattern on a full-size DB5. Mike’s favorite feature though has to be the doors, which have a small gap between them and the car body.

The whole set measures over 3” (10cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide. It will be available to the public starting August 1, 2018, but LEGO VIPs have already had access to orders since July 18. The James Bon Aston Martin DB5 will cost you $149.99, so maybe its best you keep this away from kids and store it in your own collection of James Bond memorabilia.

You can see all the set’s details (and even pre-order one) on the LEGO shop webpage.


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