Contrary to popular belief, not all chairs are made for the same purpose. There are Monobloc chairs made for public events, rolling chairs designed with the sole purpose of spinning around while sitting in them, and chairs with arms so comfy you never sit in them quite properly.

The Hybrid Chair serves two of those multiple purposes. You see, it’s both a desk chair and a lounger. When it’s time to work, the Hybrid Chair can be positioned as an upright desk chair forcing you to sit properly. It can also be lowered into a more comfortable lounging position once you are finished with work (or just too lazy to do it). And simply return it to the desk chair position when you need to get back to work.

There are two primary materials. The wood arms and supports are solid oak; the fabric is supplied by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and is made from 90% wool and 10% Nylon.

The makers at Studio Lorier made two versions of this chair: the Comfort version, which you have to adjust manually by hand, and the Deluxe version, which uses a handle connected to a pneumatic piston to set the chair’s desired height. The Deluxe version, in particular, transforms back into a desk chair when the handle is pulled and no one is seated.

If you thought designing a transforming chair was easy, Studio Lorier actually went through a number of prototypes before coming up with the finished product. The angle of the chair, as well as the piston mechanism for the Deluxe version, went through the most number of revisions.

They even managed to make an accompanying footstool which transforms into a side table when flipped over. For those with little to no apartment space left, this could save a lot of storage room.

The project has currently accomplished €3,423 (roughly $4,042) of its €14,000 ($16,533) goal on Kickstarter. You can find more about the chair’s transformation features there.


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