There are guitar cases you want to completely cover in stickers, then there are guitar cases you want to build a dedicated shelf for in the focal point of your living room. This case is the later. You know we love covering the details of beautiful design behind musical instruments. The Bowoo Guitar case is a perfect example of the time and dedication a musician puts, not only into their passion, but into protecting it while looking hella stylish. Reonda is the designer and maker of the Bowoo guitar case. We asked here more about what went into the design that took her years to perfect.


Bowoo Guitar Case

Reonda is a designer and musician in New York City. She beleives in making things really well, so they last a lifetime, thereby avoiding the endless cycle of trash heap to new purchase. So, she created a guitar case that’s both well designed and well built, half the weight of a hard case and all the portability and flexibility of a gig bag. The case is handcrafted in Vermont and 100% made in the USA.

“One of the most challenging aspect was getting the curves right, it’s like tailoring a perfectly fitted suit for a gentlemen.” Reonda says, “I wanted to make every curve correct and neat, so there are as little creasing as possible. It took many revisions and I was always thinking about alternatives to where the seams should be and how can we eliminate that extra seam so its form could be even cleaner and more simple. It’s all about simplicity without taking away from functionality.”

Being a guitar player herself, Reonda knew what kind of functionality the case needed to have, the comfort and the cool factor required when carrying a guitar long distances across town. She worked with the best case designers, creating prototypes and testing materials. “The most fun part was definitely choosing colors/materials and the design process overall. There are limitations to the materials we wanted to use and can use, but I am all about pushing the boundaries and maximizing the outcome within whatever limitation we have. Making the most out of limited resources. I think that’s the way we have to see everything, our environment, our resources, our knowledge.”

Now, you may think a lot of the design was template cutting and fabric stitching. There was a lot of that, but with the variety of guitar sizes, Reonda turned to laying out the design in Adobe Illustrator. “It was mainly all Illustrator vector drawings during the design process and then hands on working with a couple of guitars to get the size and fit correct–then a lot of cut & sew during the development process.”

Believe me, if you’re a guitar player, you’ll want to head over to the Bowoo Guitar case Kickstarter campaign right now and snag yourself one of these luscious, hadcrafted cases. It’s truly a well made case, with a lot of thought put into the materials, construction and carrying ability. The early bird special #2 is still open and instead of stickers, there are tiers for some sweet guitar picks, chord charts and posters.




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