I’m convinced that what you’re about to see is the future of water sports, water exploration, water battle and anything having to do with the combination of insanity and awesomeness. Franky Zapata, World Champion professional jet ski/waverunner rider of Zapata Racing, is stepping watersports up a number of notches by retrofitting a jet to propel you, not only through the water, but into the sky. Check. This. Out.

Zapata Flyboard

The Flyboard operates from a deck attached to your feet, that in turn connects to a long tube that runs down to the watercraft, which in turn fires the water back up and out the deck and smaller handheld jets.

At 2:40, in the video below, Zapata goes into the process of making the Flyboard (helps if you understand French) where he’s basically modified a Sea-Doo RXT Waverunner to reroute the jet up to the deck. He’s selling the Flyboard, which connects to any watercraft capable of producing 100HP or more. The price is US $6500 (Euro 4900) for a version with acceleration controlled from the watercraft with an $1190 (Euro 900) option for acceleration controlled via the Flyboard itself. More info at Zapata-Racing.com and more video and images below.


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