Ah, the camel. The friendly ungulate that provides transport, milk, meat and possibly the foulest breath you have ever smelt. Saddle their fatty humps with some medical supplies and you’ve got a mobile, milk-producing ambulance brigade that can reach speeds of 40mph, survive days without water and keep you company with its toothy, guttural melody. The Baja concept by designer Frederic Schwab is portraying the possibilities of this and making camels looks 10 times more futuristic in the process.

The Baja (Cambulance)

The Baja is a camel-driven, medical transport designed around a Dromedary (one-humped) camel. While using camels to transport wounded isn’t new, this certainly modernizes the design. Medical supplies can be mounted to a carrier strapped around the hump of the camel or switched out with a cacolet for transporting people. The main feature though is the two-wheeled Baja cart trailing behind the camel for the Camelier/Physician. The cart is outfitted with GPS, leather seating, Desert grip tires, long-travel shocks and cooled medical cases in the off-chance you’ll need to get organs out to that desert oasis stat.


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