Speaking of laser cut toy creations, this Bandit gun Kickstarter project campaign just popped in our inbox. The Bandit gun is not only a rubberband gun–That would be lame and unnecessary with the skills you already have. This gun is a shotgun, with the deluxe ‘Sheriff’ version supporting three firing modes and, if ordered now, will arrive just in time to shoot the cat into/out of the Christmas tree.

Bandit Guns

The Bandit Shotgun is the laser cut creation of Bob Coulston from Kansas City, Mo. It comes as a kit you or your kids have the joy of assembling and with a starter pack of rubberband ammo. There’s a cool story behind it too. His son wanted to make his own rubberband gun and Bob wanted to make one all his son’s friends would want too…

” That was the beginning, after the first model having over 50 parts and not even working. Approximately 100 versions later the Bandit Gun was created with what you see today. Being a kid at heart, I probably use the Bandit Gun more than they do.”

And to think, it only went through 100 iterations. The project is fully funded ending December 7th. You can pick up the dual firing mode ‘Outlaw’ for $25 and the ‘Sheriff’ model with additional Shotgun blast mode for $35. Check it OUT.


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