When it comes to interior lighting options, few designs ever openly encourage users to actually interact with light bulbs beyond placing them in a socket – however the Arc Wall Light from industrial designer Vedat Ulgen is anything but your average light design.

Made from solid walnut, the hand cut Arc Wall Light features channels for LED tube lights to fit cleanly within the meticulously-carved grooves of the wall mounted design. A total of three levels of depth allow users to place the LED tubes in overlapping patterns while various positions determine the brightness levels of each of the lights.

Of course, this level of interaction with lightbulbs isn’t possible without some next-level weirdness tucked underneath. In the case of the Arc Wall Light, that weirdness comes in the form of hidden Tesla coils that generate an electrical field that pushes electrons through the bulbs wirelessly.

Because the lights are not directly connected to an energy outlet, they only illuminate when in close proximity to the Tesla machine, transforming a stationary wall fixture into a functional (and fun) piece of art.


Originally from Turkey, Ulgen studied industrial design in Brooklyn, NY at Pratt before founding his own company, Thislexik, in early 2014. According to the company, their design strategy is rooted in “experimenting with new technologies and using materials in unconventional ways”. If the Arc Wall Light is any indication, then that’s a pretty accurate statement.

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