According to Internet meme culture, really strong people only need to make one grocery-carrying trip to and from the car. But even if that’s true, you could end up with smashed fruits and veggie items or even bruised fingers. So, yes, it isn’t an elegant way of carrying your sustenance, nor is it practical.

Nonetheless, instead of considering carrying your grocery bags one by one, why not consider having this handy modular bag?

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SuperCarrier 2.0 is a reusable modular bag with pockets and compartments for days. They can be used for storing food, drinks, and whatever else you need at any given time. Depending on your situation, you can widen, tighten, and move the segments to sort your belongings according to your preference.

SuperCarrier 2.0

Once you’ve organized your items in the bag, the so-called “internal memory” of SuperCarrier 2.0 will make sure everything stays exactly the way you placed them. And being made from 100% ripstop nylon material, the SuperCarrier 2.0 has some excellent qualities to boast:

SuperCarrier 2.0

It is a master when it comes to isolating items with its compartments and pockets. Wet items can be placed near dry ones and the latter will never get soaked. Further, hot food containers can stand beside ice cream pints without affecting each other’s temperature. Even contrasting items you wouldn’t normally put in the same bag (e.g., bleach and foods) are not a problem with SuperCarrier 2.0.

SuperCarrier 2.0

The SuperCarrier 2.0 can also carry a lot of weight and take a ton of abuse. You can carry up to 30 kg in a single bag and not worry about it ripping apart. It’s also water and splashproof, so an accidental spill in one compartment won’t leak to the other sections beside it. When your bag is ready for a clean, all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine!

SuperCarrier 2.0

Apart from grocery shopping, you can use the SuperCarrier 2.0 in other aspects of your daily life. Store your workout gear in it when going to the gym. Place cooked foods inside the bag and have a picnic.

Indeed, whatever stuff you need to bring with you, SuperCarrier 2.0 will be able to help you out. And if you don’t need it, you can always fold the bag into a compact, thin form that can fit in your pocket.

Considering it helps save the planet from the plastic scourge, it’s nice to see that the SuperCarrier 2.0 has already achieved its Kickstarter goal. It currently has a funding of US$79,160 – which is a big sum over its initial US$3,436 goal. To find out more about this reusable modular bag, check out the SuperCarrier 2.0 Kickstarter page.


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