Camping in the wilderness can either be a relaxing weekend away from the city or a nightmare. In many cases, the outdoor experience usually comes down to one thing: how well you prepare. Sometimes nothing can prepare you for the awesome force of Mother Nature. High winds, hurricanes, or even heavy rains can ruin your camping adventure.

Luckily, Kammok, an outdoor gear company based in Austin, TX, has a new tent that for both skilled campers and beginners that’ll keep you both dry and comfortable while Mother Nature unleashes her fury. They’re offering up Sunda, a two person tent that transforms from a tent to a hammock. We’ve seen something similar before with the ‘Tentsile Tent’, however, this looks to be like a more budget-friendly alternative.

The Sunda is an all-in-one tent that’s ‘sturdy’ and can supposedly face tough weather conditions. The DAC NSL aluminum is not only sturdy but makes it easy to set up the tent even if there are no trees around. The frame creates an 8.3-foot space and has walls that rise up to give you 40 inches of headroom, making sure even the tallest person has enough room. There’s even a ridged pole in the middle of the external frame, giving it the ability to hold up the fabric past the end arches. The floor measures out to 35 square feet, making sure two people can sleep comfortably.

If the ground is soaked or muddy, the Sunda has you covered. Rather than sleeping on a soggy surface, the tent converts to an aerial hammock. Though as with most hammocks, this one only suits one person. So, if it rains and you have someone else with you, they’ll have to fend for themselves. Or if you just need a rest from the sun, there’s a Fly Light mode. The tent transforms once again to provide light shelter to protect yourself from the harsh sunshine. Though if you’re looking to get some relief from the insects, then this mode isn’t going to help. It’s more suitable for festivals, poolside, or a day on the beach than rugged camping.


Though it may not look like it from the pictures, the Sunda has quite a spacious interior. It not only fits two people, but there’s also room for pets, kids, accessories, kits, and larger items, like kayaks. With the addition of corner storage pockets and gear loops, the tent has more storage for all your camping needs. There are also vented windows to get in the fresh air as well as easily-accessible front and back doors.

Perhaps most importantly, you’d expect a tent that does so much to be on the heavy side, but Sunda is moderate with its packed weight being three pounds without the rainfly. It gets heavier when the rainfly is included, weighing in at 15 pounds.


The Sunda is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, but they (or you) don’t have much to worry about. In less than 24 hours, the project reached its goal of $75,000 and currently sits at nearly $250,000 with nearly a month left to go.

It’s clear that the Kammok team have hit on something people have been waiting for. The Sunda is a great idea. Sometimes when preparing to go camping, it can be difficult enough to remember to pack the essentials. Having a tent that’s all-in-one, has lots of storage, and is roomy takes some of the anxiety out of preparing for a trip. Those who get in on the Kickstarter can get it for $299. It will retail for $399 when it releases Spring 2017.

I have a tent innovation for you… one you don’t have to setup and break down. Why aren’t robots building them, like Elroy Jetson’s Space Cubs of troop 54?


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