Bet you have snazzy plans for the 4th of July, and rightly so. Besides celebrating the most important day in the history of United States with fireworks, how about you give it a splash and twist with this DIY project from sugru?

As you know this magic material is water resistant and is used in repairing gear like raincoats, tents, scuba diving stuff and of course submarine robots.

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Pushing boundaries is an everyday thing for the folks at sugru and today we shall learn from them how to make a water pistol – not any water pistol – but one based on ‘the Gatling gun of the 19th Century.’ A full-blown water-torture machine conceptualized from the seeds sown by the ‘Ghostbusters’, built upon the Super Soaker and fondly called the sugru soaker.


Before you move ahead with your DIY plans, get a lowdown on how Gatling gun works and then proceed. In essence, the sugru team has used improvisations like a low voltage motor and a windscreen wiper taken from a black cab and integrated it into the design. To give the water its power, thrust and a high flow rate, the design uses CO2 welding canisters pressuring fire extinguishers filled with 10 liters of water.


A quick visit to your local plumbing shop and essentials like plastic quick connect fittings, chrome copper pipes and PVC pipefittings are the things you need to round up. To keep it peppy, you can add food dyes to sugru and then create this fantastic gatling water pistol. This guide at Instructables shows you how to make the Rainbow Gatling sugru Soaker Water Pistol (sugru pistons, sugru injector and insulating switches included), which is powered by a CO2 canister, and shoots an impressive range of 10 meters away.


More power to you sugru.