It’s easier said than done when it comes to taking care of pets. Right from the tiny fishes in a tank to the poop-master doggies with droopy eyes and fluffy ears – all spell work. Yes, we succumb to their charms and are left with tons of cleaning and caring to do. This is till you take a look at the Avo – a self-cleaning fish tank.

The designers say that the tank is packed with technology and clever design, so how does this thing work and how did come to existence?

Feature-wise, what we have is a tank with a self-maintaining filter system, automated heating, plant specific lighting and a modular planting system. The 15 liters capacity is large enough to hold a Siamese fighting fish or a shoal of small fish.

So the question is how does this work?

The system uses a natural bacterial filter system along with live plants, a micro-ecosystem kicks into place, giving us clean, healthy water. Yep, no more fish-poop-scoops for you!




Basically the live plants remove the nitrates from the water, maintaining the quality of healthy water and preventing algae from growing. The working aesthetic prototype has been in the testing phase and a working prototype has been in function for more than 18 months now:



The Avo is currently priced at £150 or roughly $240 USD (current early-bird price for set quantity) over on Kickstarter.