If there’s one outlet that 3D printing really shines, its in finding new ways to upcycle existing products that would otherwise end up as waste. Take the Sprout for example: through a simple design and 3D print, an otherwise disposable item becomes something a heck of a lot more useful…and in some cases, better than the product design it’s emulating.

Sprout: Repurpose Those Milk Jugs

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Designed by Shapeways user Egant, the Sprout features two flow types with a simple twist of the nozzle. This innovative and simple design offers something that a lot of water cans cannot do: offer a dispersed flow or a steady flow. The design also incorporates a ball valve that allows a user to easily fill the jug without having to unscrew the nozzle–when the jug is then turned over to water a plant the ball then rolls and blocks the water entry.

Amongst all the static 3D printed objects out there, it’s always nice to see how 3D printing can unleash simple yet effective designs with just a couple parts:






(Images via Shapeways)


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