Liberty Trike is killing its Indiegogo campaign with a stylish new spin on the conventional motorized scooter. The makers claim it offers more versatility, more power and easier transport than traditional mobility assistance devices, but the price may leave you limping.

Mobility is something we all take for granted, until it’s gone. Liberty Trike wants to change all that. That’s why Electric Bike Technologies CEO Jason Kraft and Worksman Cycles President Wayne Sosin teamed up to create the Liberty Electric Trike – a revolutionary electric tricycle that’s essentially a souped-up version of a conventional mobility scooter.

Liberty Trike restores freedom for those who need an easier way to get around. Made in the USA, users can ride it up to 24 miles per charge. The LiFePO4 Lithium battery charges in 3 hours and gives the trike 750w of power, and with 5 gears gives those use to moving a little slower a top speed of 11.5mph. Riders who want to be more active can pedal along with the bike and track their progress on a built-in LCD screen.

“About a year ago we started working with Worksman Cycles on the Liberty Trike design and we tried to incorporate every great idea that our tricycle conversion customers had been asking for for the past several years.” Jason says. “Worksman has 118 years in business building industrial trikes so they added all that experience in the final frame design. Electric Bike Technologies worked on the special parts like the custom wide front fork and 16” x 2.5” tires.”


The trike is only 25” wide and provides a tight 360-degree turning radius. It’s slender enough to pull figure-eights in grocery stores and promises to handle most inclines with ease. It even has a mounted basket for haulin’ groceries and stylish enough to help you pick up chics.


See? One of the best features of this loaded e-trike is its transportability. It breaks down into two lightweight pieces in a few minutes, allowing users to easily transport it anywhere. This is a huge benefit compared to a convention mobility scooter where immense core strength or a car ramp is needed… neither of which the average person cares to obtain.


If you’re into e-trikes, have an aging parent who wants to get back into biking, or know someone who needs mobility assistance, this is a cool option. It’s available at a steal now on Indiegogo for $1,200–with less than two days left as of this story. If you wait until it hits the market, it’ll cost you $2,000 a pop. For their target customers, this price is on par with many other Hoveround chair, electric wheelchair or scooters. However, I have seen many e-bikes (and even e-trikes) cheaper than this, with similar construction and range. Check your options and let us know in the comments if you’ve seen a better one.






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