The user experience considerations with pitcher-based water filtration systems over the years has been an interesting phenomenon to watch. From reusable vinyl stickers indicating the filter change-out cycle, to electronic timers embedded in the handles, filtered water has seen some impressive technological advances. With the success of subscription-based business models such as Dollar Shave Club and Hall&Madden Shirts, it comes with little surprise that one of the next services in line would be a water filter service with a sleek carafe to boot.

The Soma Water Filter

Compared to the plastic pitchers used by Pur and Brita, the sleek minimalist glass used in Soma’s design is a refreshing take on an otherwise outdated kitchen mainstay. While most people might be ‘just fine’ with the material choices of Brita and Pur, true H20 fanatics will be quick to note just how much plastic can change the taste and properties of water—enter Soma:

Designed in partnership with David Beeman, somebody with a supposed 30+ years of water filtration experience, the all-glass carafe design offers multiple sustainable perks throughout the product lifecycle including the use of natural materials in manufacturing, all natural charcoal filtration, and compostable filters for when it’s time to replace.

The convenient monthly subscription means that you never have to worry about stickers, timers, or other ‘non-effective’ reminders, similar to other monthly subscriptions that take the ‘thinking’ out of maintaining certain home products.

Could this really be the answer for water filtration pitchers of the future? If you were to put the UX model into a mathematical formula, it would be hard to see why not. Given the unique material choices throughout the design and sustainable business model, it’s hard to argue that there’s a better option on the market today. For $50 you can get the carafe and a 6-month subscription for the filters on Kickstarter right now.

via Kickstarter


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