Nobody wants bloody digits laying about, cluttering up a finely dusted workshop floor. That’s just bad business. That’s why this one, designed in SolidWorks, is made to leave your nubs attached to the hand.

News of the SawStop severed the airwaves a while back, but the Discover Channel Time Warp Show meets up with inventor Steve Gass to taks a slow-motion look at how it works and what happens when he puts his finger on the blade. Video below.

Compared to wood, the human body has a relatively large, inherent electrical capacitance and conductivity that cause the signal to drop—and the saw to stop—when a person makes contact with the blade.SolidWorks Case Study (pdf)

Feel Free To Stick You Finger in This TableSaw… Like This
This video is frightening. Not only does Steve put his finger on the rotating 5,000 RPM blade, it show the destructive force of a blade turning that fast.

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