Stuart Fingerhut rapid prototype ponoko solidworks renderingReady. Aim. Rapid-prototype your freagin’ cool idea before someone else does. That’s exactly what Stu Fingerhut did with his gun rack organizer, fully-loaded to help you clean-up that mess gathering on your entryway table.

The Process? Modeled in SolidWorks, rendered in PhotoWorks, and manufactured via Ponoko. It’s the steps that a lot of designers and engineers with great ideas are using to introduce new products and get their name out there.

Stu Fingerhut is a designer currently attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, studying Environmental Design. [Personal site][ponoko profile]

fingerhut solidworks concept

Take a look, after the break, at the process he went through from model and rendering to concept and final product. I think you’ll agree – What good is a AK-47 if it’s laying in your drawer? No good at all. Model it up in SolidWorks, make some renderings, revamp for manufacturing and add some use to it by creating a functional piece of art. Rockin’ Cool Stu.

The first rendering of the gun rack organizer after modeling in SolidWorks
Stuart Fingerhut gunrack solidworks rendering

Rendering using multiple materials after modeling in SolidWorks
Stuart Fingerhut gunrack solidworks final rendering

Gunrack Prototype made with water jet cut aluminum and CNC’d walnut
Stuart Fingerhut gunrack solidworks prototype

The final Ponoko product. Build-up of 1/4 inch white acrylic
Stuart Fingerhut gunrack solidworks ponoko

You can buy this in white or black acrylic on Stuart Fingerhut’s Ponoko Showroom for $99.00 US. awesome.


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