solidworks-cutting-board.jpgSlice! Dice! Oh, shazang! my favorite Scrubs episode is on right beneath my tomato slices! Sweet!

This fine example of kitchen gadgetry was created in SolidWorks 2008 and rendered in PhotoWorks by Marc Nardangeli, an industrial designer. It’s an acrylic board with a chromium handle and a flexible (OLED?) screen embedded within. The idea is, of course – to view your recipes on while you’re makin’ that magical lasagna for the kiddos.

I imagine it could come loaded with Wi-fi to access and flash memory to store your favorites. A great addition would be to link it to the top recipe sites or cooking site that has video download available.

Maybe not the most practical when you have chicken and mushroom smeared across the display, but practicality is that stupid wall the prevents cool stuff from being thought up. There’s no reason it couldn’t work and it’s a great example of a specific solution applied to a niche market. How would you design it?




ProductDesignForm Via BizToolBelt


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