Remember sitting in the living room when you were little, an old record playing in the background, mom cooking meat pies and the smell of lead solder in the air as your father fried the circuits of your RC car under a shiny pile of metal? If you could, you would have turned the scene into an infomercial for Jude Pullen’s Solder Buddy, the amazing little tool that feeds solder at a perfect rate. He created this one evening with a bike cable, servo and a few clumps of Sugru. Have a look!

Solder Buddy

From Jude:

“[This is a] humble contraption made from a old broken bike brake cable, a servo (with locking-pin removed) and of course some Sugru! The clever bit is that the switch is made via the solder and the outer metal windings of the brake cable. The springs at either end of the solder complete the circuit. It also has a button to feed/prime the solder out for the first time.”

YouTube video

Definitely a cool contraption and sweet use of Sugru. How would you change/improve this little gizmo?

If you’re in London this Saturday, you’re fortunate. The Solder Buddy will be featured, along with other examples of how to use simple materials to prototype ideas, at the Design Modelling Workshop, London – 26th Jan 2013. And, as always, you can check out more of Jude Pullen’s instruction and fascinations on

Update: Jude has posted an Instructable to make your very own solder buddy!





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