Nevermind the rug in that photo above. It’s a technique used to cover up the blood spray after you’ve blasted an offending intruder across the floor with your two Mossberg 930’s. How did you get to them so fast? Simple. They’re stored in your bedframe – the BedBunker – locked away, hidden from those interested in stealing your stash and a mere 10 seconds from unlock, cock and two smoking barrels.

BedBunker Gun Safe

The BedBunker is designed to replace your box spring and comes in four sizes with a double-lock twin bed starting at US $2300 up to California Kings at a mere US $4200. The beds is made of 10 gauge steel with 1/4″ steel doors, features a 2-hour burn rating and holds up to 35 rifles and 70 handguns. If one isn’t enough, you can always get a couple for the guest bedrooms. Check out the action sequence at 0:49.

BedBunker via DVICE


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