skyros aerial camera designed in SolidWorksIt’s got a 5 inch rotor, multiple lenses and a healthy appetite for taking photos from high above your eye for composition.

You detach it from it’s base and launch it up to 160 ft (50m) into the vast blue yonder. The rotor and sensors take over and it does a somersault in the air, taking pictures as it returns back to you. It’s the tiniest, cutest personal aerial camera and the concept was created in SolidWorks.

Siddharth Kambe & Dipti Hanako Kambe developed the idea to make aerial photograhpy easy for everyone. Siddharth attended the Pratt Institute and Denmark Design School. The concept is an exploratory look into capturing those special moments from a different perspective… just don’t get wrapped up in that moment and have the camera come flying back at you with rotors blazin’.

More images of the design specifics after the break.

skyros aerial camera detail rendering

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aerial camera design sketches in SolidWorks Via Yanko Design


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