You know when you show up to the coffee shop (or office) and pull a small bamboo case from the inside pocket of your tweed jacket, people are gonna drop jaws, followed by their fraps and microwaved scones. The PHX-1 from Big I Design is a creation of the big idea duo Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang. This is one of their first products to successfully cross into the land of funded projects of Kickstarter and is now available on their new website.

PHX-1 Design Tool Set

I came across this tool set after backing their latest Kickstarter project, The XTS Titanium Pen + Stylus. Even though you can turn a $2 dollar pen into a Mont Blanc, I can’t wait to get one. You can pre-order that pen on their site as well. The PHX-1 contains a 9″ (21.5cm) multi-use ruler, a hobby knife end and a stainless steel pen body all packed into a small bamboo box. You don’t get the pen tip, cartridge or blades, so at $75 it’s on the high side of having your implements of design uber-organized, but it’s a lot nicer looking and safer than throwing that exacto-knife in the backpack unsheathed.


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