While the electronic Boosted Board skateboards may be taking over today’s streets, nothing beats the simplicity of an original cruiser board when it comes to getting from A to B. As a self-confessed “hater of plastic”, German industrial designer Tom Wilhelm set out to create a wood replacement to the plastic Penny board that just might be one of the best-looking cruiser skateboards we’ve ever seen.

The Rollholz line, which is made by hand, is inspired by the original cruiser boards of the 1970s with a modern twist. Crafted from both light and dark woods, the finished decks are finished with dip in a contrasting pastel or marbled paint scheme before being outfitted with a set of Independent trucks and blank white wheels. Although we’re suckers for skateboarding around here, this just might be one board design worth hanging on the wall instead.

Currently, Wilhelm is selling the Rullholz boards over on his Etsy shop starting at $181 USD and is happily taking custom orders.






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