You know what is sweet? Fast stuff is sweet. But a new SuperSonic Car adventure blows the whole concept of fast, along with the previously held 763 MPH land speed record, right off the sands of the Nevada desert. Richard Noble, developer of the record-setting Thrust SSC, piloted by Andy Green, is at it again to break the 1,000 MPH mark with the triple-jet powered Bloodhound SSC. Hot. And even hotter? The initial 3D data is all SolidWorks NX with facts, figures and downloads to go along with it. Check this out.

Editors Note:Since the post went up, we have learned that the mechanical design was done using Siemens PLM NX, in conjuction with a design team led by John Piper, and that Siemens is a partner of the Bloodhoud SSC Team. Thanks to Neil Dunsmuir, UK Marketing Director, UGS PLM Software for clarifying this!

Bloodhound SSC

Curventa DesignWorks, with a record of award winning product design and development, has been working with Noble, helping his team develop 3D models of the sound-breaking beast. The London based team has been responsible for the up-front 3D CAD development and continued to support the effort through the 1,000 MPH attempt slated for 2011.

The Tease
This shows you the idea of what the Bloodhound SSC will look like flying across the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (US). Can it outrun a bullet? Take a look.

The Engineering
The idea? To accelerate the car from 0-1,050 MPH…in 40 seconds. Andy Green will experience a force of 2.5g on acceleration and 3g on decelerations.

The Images
The rendering was done in ???? (We’ll have to find that out, I’m guessing Hypershot) but you get an idea of the power and scale on the 42 foot (12.8 meter) machine.
curventa-bloodhound ssc-solidworks
Curventa Bloodhound Back View Rendering
Curventa Bloodhound Front View Rendering
Curventa Bloodhound Side View Rendering
Curventa Bloodhound Afterburners
bloodhound designed in SolidWorks

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