It almost seems as if mobile device screens will crack under any circumstances, from the lightest tap to accidentally stepping on the device. This notion is inherently true for iPhone users who, according to Square Trade, spend roughly $1-billion a year to fix cracked screens as well as other ailments such as water damage. Companies who manufacture smart devices are increasingly turning to businesses who create stronger materials for ‘impact-resistant’ screens, including Sapphire and Gorilla Glass to lessen the risk of damaging the device’s glass.

The latest iterations for those protective screens are indeed impressive, however there is still a chance of them breaking if dropped or crushed by a vehicle. Evolutive Labs has released a protective screen that is reportedly stronger than the glass screens mentioned above and able to withstand extensive impacts from ball bearings and other objects. The protective applique differs from other screen protectors, as it is comprised of six layers for maximum protection including a scratch-resistant layer, impact dispersion/dampening layers and a high-strength layer with a total thickness of only 0.029cm.

Rhino Shield is applied the same way as any other screen protector by lining it up perfectly and using a squeegee to remove the air bubbles, however in the real world this tends to result in a few errant air bubbles along with fingerprints from a botched first attempt at applying those screens. To get their Rhino Shield to the masses, Evolutive Labs turned to crowd-funding Kickstarter to get their project off the ground and were successful at surpassing their initial goal of $84,000 with over $123.000 back in 2013. Since then, consumers found that the original Rhino Shield was prone to denting and had issues when trying to peel the protector off of their devices, however Evolutive Labs has since fixed those issues with their latest release of Rhino Shield MK2. The protective shield is available now for most Android and Apple mobile devices ranging in price from $24.99 to $39.99.
Someone pointed out an alternative to screen protection. He said, “Stop being poor. Buy another phone.” Choose either way, you’re covered.


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