One year ago, Madrid-based architecture and design studio Kawamura-Ganjavian introduced their Ostrich Pillow concept to the masses on Kickstarter. After crowd-sourcing nearly three times their original $70k fundraising goal, the company brought their head-enveloping pillow to market, and some might argue, laid seeds to revolutionize the world of napping. But they didn’t stop there—K-G Studio is back on Kickstarter, and this time, with a firm backing of power-napping aficionados who want to see the company’s new concept, the Ostrich Pillow Light, facilitate the napping-style of big dreamers the world over. The project was fully-funded within the first seventy-two hours of its thirty-two day fundraising period, and currently has just a few days left to go.

The Power of the Pillow

The original Ostrich Pillow was designed with power-napping in-mind, and was created with the aim of providing a comfy-cozy sleeping solution for folks who need to maximize their Zzz’s on-the-go. The original model completely engulfed the user’s head in a plush bag similar in shape to a hot air balloon, and was designed with absolute function-over-form (awesome!). While it is indisputably goofy-looking in appearance, the idea is that the user should be so incapacitated with wonderful sleep that s/he should not care about what society thinks of the fashion statement. While it is pretty hard to argue with that logic, the target market of the original Ostrich Pillow is limited to people who prioritize sleep so extremely that they are willing to travel with the thing…it does roll-up, but it is not exactly compact. With that, Kawamura-Ganjavian has conceived a more accessible and portable solution: Enter the Ostrich Pillow Light:



As the name implies, the Ostrich Pillow Light is reduced-feature iteration of the original Ostrich Pillow. It is smaller, lighter, and more compact than its predecessor, and it will probably appeal to a greater audience because of that. We have seen many varieties of travel pillows surface in recent years, notably available from higher-end travel accessory companies like Samsonite and Magellan’s, amongst dozens of others. But what sets the Ostrich apart is that it engulfs the user’s face—a simple and smart design-spin solution for the classic problem of trying to shut-the-world out while napping in public.


Like many new-age portable pillows offered by affordable-luxury accessory merchants like Brookstone and The Sharper Image, The Ostrich Pillow Light is stuffed with thousands of silicon-coated micro-beads. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, it is pretty neat; the beads collectively act almost like a viscous liquid, adjusting silently to the changing pressure applied to the case constraining them, thus making for the ideally-accommodating, auto-adjusting pillow.


The original Ostrich Pillow is assembled by-hand in Spain and is constructed from high-quality materials. While the Ostrich Pillow Light is not yet in production, it will also be made in Spain, to the same quality standards that have established Kawamura-Ganjavian as a potentially-serious player in designing unconventional on-the-go sleeping solutions. The original Ostrich Pillow is available from STUDIO BANANA THiNGS and can be ordered online for $99 USD. The price point for the Ostrich Pillow Light has not yet been set, but it is logical to assume that it will be less than that of the larger and more complex parent-model.

(All images via Kawamura-Ganjavian Studio and STUDIO BANANA THiNGS)