Gather all of your calendars together, open them all to October 2008 and repeatedly circle October 15th till someone asks, “What are you doing?”

Here’s where you jump up into their face and tell them very quickly with no breaths, “Prototype This!, a new show on the Discovery Channel starts October fifteenth with 13 episodes and 4 guys that show you how products are conceptualized, created, tested, redesigned, tested and used in real life.”

It’s ok if they balk. They now know to look out for the new TV show coming up in October on the Discovery Channel and will probably thank you later on.

The show is led by a ragtag and highly intelligent bunch. Terry Sandin, Zoz Brooks, Joe Grand, and Mike North will lead you on the wild adventures of product development . You have to meet these guys to get a sense of what the show will be like.

From some of the photos it looks like the whole process from conceptualization, modeling, rapid prototyping and testing will be explored. Stay tuned to the tube for the debut October 15th.

(images from CNET)

CNet via Core77


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