With over 10 years of experience in leather design, Hungarian designer Sara Gulyas wanted to create a versatile product that minimized the amount of material needed to create a shoe…whilst allowing buyers to participate in the shoe-making process. The Pikkpack takes cues from both centuries-old traditional design and IKEA’s DIY mentality to bring the simple manufacturing process to the user with quality materials.


db49f3b59c7181083676129c58629d6d_largeBockskor: A Traditional Hungarian Shoe

Inspired by a traditional Hungarian shoe called the Bockskor, the Pikkpack is a minimalist leather shoe design that ships with three components: a leather upper, a leather sole, and a colored lace that holds the shoe together. The water buffalo leather ensures that these will also be a comfortable and flexible walking shoe for those upcoming Saturday morning strolls to your local coffee shop:


With a wide range of color-options and sizes, there’s sure to be something here for everybody. You can pick up a pair over on Kickstarter right now starting at $90.

(Images via Pikkpack)


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