Right now, I’m really glad I ate breakfast because I just watched the video of the new PlasmaBlade from Peak Surgical.

Peak Surgical, out of Palo Alto, CA, uses SolidWorks for their product design. They don’t quite fancy the slice, burn and wipe of traditional surgical methods so they’ve introduced plasma technology with this tiny device to reduce incisions, speed healing and send you home quicker.

“With the PlasmaBlade, tissue looks healthier, with no char…” – Kai Ihnken, M.D.

No char people-sounds like a good deal to me. They’ve cleared the pre-clinical testing for the PlasmaBlade with positive results and are moving on to get that FDA approval. If you like medical product demos, here’s the video. but BE WARNED… seriously, eat something first. PlasmaBlade Product Demonstration

Ya know, it’s sad really. All those gore movies with the scalpels are gonna be so unbelievable now because hey, why didn’t they just use Plasma technology to gut that person.

Via MedGadget


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