Upcycling Pallets as functional furniture or hacking them, as firewood is an old tale. The new age demands something more dynamic and drastic, which is why we bless innovative souls like Tomáš Moravec who give us a remote thrill ride from many miles away. Yes, this daredevil has hacked the Pallet to be his personal transportation vehicles that cruises down the Tramlines of Bratislava, Slovakia.


Apparently the space between the tram tracks in Bratislava is 435 mm narrower than 
the gauge of tracks in Prague or Pilsen (1435 mm) and the wooden europallet comes at a standard dimension of 1200×800 mm. In essence, this hack works only in Bratislava, where the tramlines are just the right width to support a Pallet on Wheels.


While we don’t have the lowdown on the Tomáš Moravec version of making a Pallet Tram, we dug up this Upcycling project that turns a Pallet into a cam trolley and more, costing you less that $40 to do so. Perhaps you can improvise on this and further hack it to suit your need. Do let us know how the project went.

YouTube video