So, you’ve started a Kickstarter project. You’re one of 12 contenders for a $25,000 dollar prize. It all relies on one thing… The vote OF THE MASSES. I know, maybe you’re not one of the 12, but someone, somewhere in the depths of crowd-funded project dependence is, and feels pain just like you, the pain of being completely funded or almost, nearly completely funded. The William McShane Fund is bringing the McShaning to one lucky Kickstarter project that will be ‘McShaned’. Yes, that is a verb and it actually has a story behind it.

William McShane Fund

Willima McShane wasn’t the creator of the Buckyballs, so named after Buckminster Fuller as a homage to his geodesic dome legacy. Nor was he the one who discovered the Buckminsterfullerene molecule. William McShane was the first person who bought the first set of the famous Buckyball magnetic toy. In a sense, he got the product started.

The William Mcshane Fund was created by Buckyballs and Brookstone to help other product start-ups get that coveted shot at success. We know long hours and dedication go into starting a business, but sometimes you just need someone to believe in you first. The William McShane Fund is here to help. Mcshaned starts a new big product voted on (by you) to win $25,000 and national distribution at Brookstone retailers nationwide from Buckyballs and the William Mcshane Fund.

You can see all the projects together and vote for them on the William McShane Fund page. These are the twelve projects. Which will you vote for?

  • Une Bobine – A patent-pending flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable for iPhone
  • Day Maker – The charging iPhone alarm toaster
  • Mirror Case – A high quality mirror that reflects any image in front of the iPhone
  • Soundlazer – A parametric speaker uses ultrasonic carrier waves to transmit audio
  • SleekSpeak – Wireless speakers for your bike
  • Amplifiear – Sound amplification device for the new iPad and iPad 2
  • Brydge – A elegant keyboard that transforms your iPad into a high-quality laptop
  • Hickies – A ground-breaking lacing system that turns your kicks into slip-ons
  • TapCaps – Patent-pending capactive stickers that make any glove useable on touchscreens
  • Remee – the REM-enhancing lucid dreaming mask
  • Juice Tank – the first ever iPhone case and charger in one
  • nesl – As open-ended desk organizer

Source:William McShane Fund


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