Considering that recent statistics have proven that 62% of Americans believe that we will eventually be living in a “Keyless Era”, it should come with little surprise that there is an increasing demand for smart locks of all shapes and sizes that speak to different markets. According to those statistics, 4 out of 5 Americans believe that there would be significant benefits in a “Keyless” generation – but how do we start to redesign all of our existing locks?

FŪZ Designs, the team behind the award-winning keyless Nokē Padlock is back again with a new product, however this time they’ve put their focus on bicyclists with their Nokē U-Lock. With their Nokē Padlock, FŪZ Designs shook the Kickstarter world and went on to win the CES Design and Engineering Award as well as Engadget’s Insert Coin people’s choice award.

Rather than be at a loss with cables and a padlock, U-Lock is a familiar, straightforward bike lock that also capitalizes on Nokē’s technology found in their original padlock. And yes, for all the tech-savvy Apple futurists out there, the company has promised that the locks will be compatible with the Apple Watch.



To open the lock, a user simply presses a button on the lock, which then searches for a Bluetooth signal from your smartphone – and subsequently unlocks so long as the phone is within Bluetooth range. In an effort to beef up security, the Noke U-Lock features an alarm system similar to any automobile that detects any tampering and sounds an alarm which can be heard up to 50 meters away. Furthermore, if you’ve forgotten where you parked, the app will show you where you were when the lock was last activated. Should you wish, you can also use the accompanying iOS/Android/Windows app to temporarily grant access to a friend who might want to borrow your bike.



In addition to the features, the Nokē U-Lock is an incredibly attractive device that is designed to be strong. Using hardened steel, boron and silicone gaskets, Noke will be able to stand up to the toughest environments and weather conditions. Nokē is packed with a long-life battery that will last over a year of normal use. If carrying your phone around isn’t for you, Nokē’s U-Lock also works with a tap-to-unlock feature. A simple code (like a finger touch code) will unlock your U-Lock. And if this wasn’t enough for you avid cyclers the Nokē U-Lock comes with a custom designed mount that showcases Noke’s beautiful design and gives you effortless docking and undocking.

The Nokē U-Lock will come in 3 colors, Brown, Silver and Black. FUZ is currently raising production funds for the U-Lock on Kickstarter, where a pledge of US$99 will currently get you one. Kickstarter being a happy hunting ground for FUZ Designs they have raised almost double the amount they set out for. Rewards for donating to the Noke U-Lock fund start at a lock that’s been discounted for $30. FŪZ Designs will ship the lucky backers their rewards anywhere in the world. Only 4 Days to go!