It may look like a simple block of wood, but Nissha’s Mui does much more than sit on your wall as an aesthetically pleasing living room decoration; underneath that warm earthy texture is a touch-based internet-connected interactive display capable of displaying information and controlling IoT devices.

The display is designed to match to your environment in an effort to help alleviate stress and provide relaxation, perhaps meaning a natural block of interactive wood is preferable over a cold metallic device anchored to a wall. Regardless of its relaxation-producing aura, the interactive panel can display messages, weather info, time/date and used to interact with smart thermostats and lighting.

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Kyoto, Japan-based Nissha specializes in capacitive-touch sensors found in many electronics—including Nintendo’s popular Switch gaming platform. Embedded in the Mui platform is an M-UI Gen2 dot display with an M-UX Material Capacitive Touch Panel used for input and navigating through its settings. It also features an occupancy sensor, CO2 sensor, onboard Wi-Fi and BLE for wireless communications as well as a microphone and speaker.

Nissha partnered with Yahoo to incorporate the company’s myThings service into the platform to enable it to work with other connected IoT products including the Phillips Hue and Net LED platforms.

Nissha is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign around June of next year to bring the Mui—including the device in other materials including glass, fabric, or marble—to the masses.

Keep an eye out for updates over at Nissha.


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