We’ve featured many woodworking workshops before on SolidSmack—but they’ve always been stationary; idle abodes usually found in garages where woodworkers can live in isolation to work on their craft. While these isolated environments certainly enable many artisans to concentrate better, it doesn’t leave them with a lot of flexibility to work on projects further from home.

In an attempt to make woodworking a more mobile occupation, Nissan and UK-based design studio Studio Hardie have collaborated to turn one of the car company’s newest vans, an NV300, into a bonafide mobile woodworking workshop.

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The converted NV300 van contains a vast array of woodworking tools, from chisels and hammers to power saws and drills. And no woodworking shop could call itself as such without having an interior made entirely out of wood.

nissan woodworking van

One of the most significant problems with any wood workshop is having enough sockets to power all your heavy duty power tools and shop equipment. This dilemma goes doubly so for a mobile workshop inside a van. Instead of relying on the car’s battery power or hand-cranked generators, the modified NV300 uses many Nissan Energy ROAM power packs which can store up to 700Wh and generate up to a maximum of 1kW.

Made from recycled Nissan Leaf batteries (the Leaf is an electric car made by Nissan), the ROAM is silent and can be recharged either by using an electrical socket or, if you’re stuck in the wilderness far from civilization, powered using the solar panels found on the roof. This super-considered electrical setup allows the battery packs to power woodworking tools without the van sounding or polluting like a miniature factory.

nissan woodworking van

Apart from the power tools, the van also has an integrated touch-screen computer, LED lighting, compact storage cabinets, and of course, seats in the back that allow the artisan to swivel and shift between different areas of the workshop.

nissan woodworking van

No news yet on when (or even, if) this modified NV300 van will go on sale, however, the Energy ROAM power packs are set to launch sometime this spring of 2019…just in case you feel inspired to build your own mobile workshop.


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