Since raising over $1.5 million to bring their DIY computer and coding kit to the masses on Kickstarter back in December of 2013, the team at Kano has been on a relentless pursuit to unlock hardware design and programming for the masses.

This time around, they’re turning their attention from a DIY computer to a range of DIY product designs built on an end-to-end creative system for “demystifying” hardware design, development, and assembly for the masses.

Included in the company’s new “Creative Computing” collection are the Camera Kit, the Pixel Kit, and the Speaker Kit—all of which make use of sensors and wireless systems similar to those in modern electronic products.

Each of the kits includes full-color step by step assembly instructions for plugging the parts, connecting the circuits, wiring up the computer and finally adding subassemblies to make up the complete product before powering it up:

Perhaps the most interesting attribute about the new collection is that similar to LEGOS, each of the parts can be swapped to develop new designs—all of which can be programmed using the Kano Code app.



Says the Kano team:

“We’re back, because you backed us three years ago. You wrote your names in our software, made servers, solar stations, robots, and millions of lines of code, all over the world. We want you to be the first to join us (with discounts, natch). We want to thank you, praise you (like we should), and enlist you, to prove that a new kind of computing is needed for a new generation.”

Find out more over at Kickstarter.


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