From custom hand-milled creations to 12-sided behemoths designed for roleplaying games, it’s impressive how far dice have come since they were first discovered in archeological digs and were estimated to be between 2800 to 2500BC.

CoDi dice are a standard six-sided die CNC machined out of steel or brass (depending on preference) and come with three different symbols beyond usual dots, including Tally (or hash marks), Symbol (square, X, etc.) and House (inspired by building construction). What’s more, you can mix and match the different types depending on your taste or game rules.

Created by successful Kickstarter campaign veteran father and son team (13 created/13 backed) Dave and Calvin Laituri, the CoDi (Code Dice) Game Changing Dice feature graphic alternatives over dull, old dots.

According to the father/son team, users can replace their traditional dice for an updated look, or uproot conventional game rules altogether by combining the Classics and the Codes to create new game rules. Among other variations, this can include using two of the Classics to determine the number of moves, while two of the Codes can determine additional move features of your choice.

Like their other Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns, Dave and Calvin surpassed their target goal of $1K with over $19K in backing and still have a week left in their endeavor. Those looking to get a handful of CoDi can pledge $24 or more, which nets you a pair of bones (up to eight altogether) in the flavor of your choice.


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